Positivity Alkaline Water
Think Positive. Drink Positivity.

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Positivity Alkaline Water 9.5+ pH

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15 pack case; 700mL (1 PT, 7.7 FL OZ) 23.7 FL OZ; Case Weight: 24.54 lbs; Case Size: L-10.5 in, W-9.5 in, H-10.0 in; 68 Cases per Pallet; 26 Pallets per Truckload; Truckload: 1,768 Cases; 26,520 Bottles

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Positivity Alkaline Water 9.5+ pH

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Positivity Alkaline Water

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Positivity Alkaline Water connects you with customers needing to Refresh, Restore and Renew their bodies pH balance while enjoying it's positively GREAT TASTE! Alkaline water provides consumers with a number of healthy benefits making it easy to sell Positivity Alkaline Water to help hydrate the on-the-go consumer and those living a healthy lifestyle.

Positivity Water is a brand of StarWalker Industries LLC, a minority owned bottled water manufacturer and distribution company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Positivity Alkaline Water is in a growth spurt and we need boots on the ground distribution to meet our consumer demand. Why wait? Think Positive. Be part of the Positivity brand experience. 

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Positivity Alkaline Water 9.5+ pH

Are you an entrepreneur looking to join a ground-floor opportunity, with unlimited financial growth? Now is the time to get started with this low risk opportunity as a regional distributor by establishing a foot-hold in your local marketplace You will be able to sell directly to consumers or supply retail businesses with cases and pallets of a great tasting alkaline water that also provides the added nutrients for a healthier lifestyle. 

Here is what you need:

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  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
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  • Positivity Marketing Materials (Catalog)
  • First Order Cash Payment

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Positivity Warehouse

StarWalker Industries (SWI) is a minority owned bottled water manufacturing and distribution company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We currently offer two bottled water products; our premium 9.5+ pH Positivity Alkaline Water and Integrity Purified and Spring Water. StarWalker Industries was established in 2017 by Atlanta's Good News Business Attorney David M. Walker Esq. who's vision is to create positive vibes and a clean PET recycling initiative starting in Atlanta and expanding throughout the world.