Think Positive. Drink Positivity.

Positivity Alkaline Water is a proud product of StarWalker Industries, a minority owned bottled water manufacturer and distributor.

Every drop infused with positive electrolytes.
Each sip created to restore your pH balance.

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Positivity Alkaline Water 15-pack case

$36 per 15-pack 700mL case

(includes shipping

Positivity Warehouse Locations

Windy Hill - Atlanta, Georgia

120 Interstate North Pkwy ** Rear Dock #105 ** Atlanta, GA 30339

Center Line - Detroit, Michigan

26554 Lawrence, Center Line, MI 48015

Dallas - Lewisville, Texas

4900 State Highway 121 Lewisville, TX 75056

PRODUCT DETAILS: 15 pack case; 700mL / 23.7 oz; Sports cap; Case Weight: 24.54 lbs; Case Size: L-10.5 in, W-9.5 in, H-10.0 in.

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$1 per bottle

Positivity Alkaline Water 15-pack case

$15 per 15-pack 700mL case

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Apparel with a Positive Vibe!

Positivity Merchandise is ready to share our brand with our loyal fans. Now, you can grab a tshirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, mug, phone case, or backpack just in time to share Positivity with yourself or that special someone directly from our online store. 

Helping the environment

gets cash in your pocket!

At Positivity Alkaline Water, we pride ourselves on giving back as much as we can. In our mission to reduce environmental impact, we are dedicated to closed loop recycling and rewarding our customers while we’re at it!

Return a 15-pack case of empty bottles, with caps, in the case plastic wrapper and we will give you a $3 cash reward.

REFRESH Your Body!

Every drop of Positivity is infused with positive electrolytes. With every sip you can refresh your mind and body while restoring your pH balance.

RESTORE Your Balance!

The benefits of drinking alkaline water are endless. A pH balanced body provides an environment to flush out toxins, clear skin, and aid in digestion just to name a few positive benefits of choosing Positivity as your alkaline water brand of choice.

RENEW Your Outlook!

Whether you are a beginner on your personal health journey, fitness enthusiast, runner, yogi, or weekend warrior, Positivity Alkaline Water is here to partner with you along your health and wellness journey.

About Positivity Alkaline Water

Positivity Alkaline Water has a 9.5+ pH level in a Grab-N-Go 700mL with sport cap bottle. Alkaline water is a fast growing industry with a low risk factor and great profit margin for food trucks and other resellers. Consumers can enjoy a refreshing taste of the Smoky Mountains water infused with electrolytes for positively GREAT TASTE.

When you need a bottle to Grab-N-Go bottle of Positivity, it can be found in a variety of retail locations including Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Oh, don’t forget to return your case of empty bottles for a cash reward!

Need to order direct from SWI? No problem! Whether you need a couple truckloads, a several pallets or just a few cases our sales team is ready to serve. If you looking to create an additional stream of income, consider joining the Positivity Experience by becoming one of our resellers.

Water Quality Report

Alkaline 9.5+ pH Water

Our manufacturer report contains the results for Positivity Alkaline bottled water quality. Water quality tests are regularly performed to identify many constituents as required by state and federal regulations. For full details download the 2020 Alkaline Water Quality Report.

StarWalker Industries (SWI) is a minority owned bottled water manufacturing and distribution company located in Atlanta, GA. Established in 2014, StarWalker Industries is led by Atlanta Business Attorney and Mechanical Engineer, David M. Walker, Esq., whose vision is to Provide Positivity to Positive People and create a clean PET recycling initiative starting in Atlanta and expanding across the world.
SWI proudly distributes its spring, purified, and alkaline water brands nationally by the truckload, and offers fully integrated bottled water solutions including manufacturing, distribution, recycling, and PET preform sales.

Current Retail Locations

Terminal T – Atlanta, GA 30337

100 CNN Center NW, Atlanta, GA 30303

3300 Cobb Pkwy #116, Atlanta, GA 30339

3000 Windy Hill Rd SE #176, Marietta, GA 30067

134 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

1680 GA-138 A, Conyers, GA 30013

Brand Retailers

Positivity Alkaline Water wants to connect you with customers needing to Refresh, Restore and Renew their bodies pH balance while enjoying it’s positively GREAT TASTE! Alkaline water provides consumers with a number of healthy benefits making it easy to sell. Positivity will help hydrate the on-the-go consumer and those living a healthy lifestyle.
We are in a growth spurt and we need boots on the ground distribution to meet our consumer demand. The time is right to Buy Local. Sell Local.

Distribution Warehouse

Are you an entrepreneur looking to join a ground-floor opportunity, with unlimited financial growth? Now is the time to get started with this low risk opportunity as a regional distributor by establishing a foot-hold in your local marketplace You will be able to sell directly to consumers or supply retail businesses with cases,  pallets or truckloads of a great tasting alkaline water that provides added nutrients for a healthier lifestyle.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Become a Reseller

Whether you want to be a retailer or setup a warehouse in your local city, Positivity Alkaline Water is ready to help.

Here is what you need:

  • Business Formation (LLC / EIN)
  • Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Pick-up From Warehouse (Dock Loading)
  • Warehouse / Storage
  • Positivity Marketing Materials (Catalog)
  • First Order Cash Payment

Submit the distributor form to starting growing your new business today.

Let's reboot your local economy.

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PositivityWater5 minutes ago
This small, black-owned biz is ready for YOU! Get this cool mug today at our Facebook and Instagram stores! Take a moment and get our Positivity Alkaline Water subscription plan so you never miss your Positivity each month (or week!) – and thanks for shopping small. Now you can have your Positivity delivered to you every month (or every week!). Details at
PositivityWater1 day ago
Hellooooo Black Friday!! We’re ready for ya. Shop RIGHT NOW at our Facebook and Instagram stores! This is THE time to stock up on your Positivity Alkaline Water. Give someone special the gift of Positivity with a 10% discount off your one-time purchase. #thinkpositive #DrinkPositivity
PositivityWater2 days ago
Thanksgiving this year might look a lot different for you than it usually does. You’re used to the house full of thirty family members and friends. Maybe you used to hop home to home and visit everyone you could – spreading all the joy and cheer everywhere you go. This year, we’re proud of you for showing you care by doing your part and celebrating the day responsibly with your own household. Whether that means a humble dinner for two or you’re serving up five, we’re sending all the Positivity in the world your way today. May it be filled with gratitude, safety and love – from all of us at Positivity. #thinkpositive #DrinkPositivity
PositivityWater3 days ago
Just a few days ago, the Westlake High School Community lost their Principal, Atlanta native and Florida A&M University graduate Jamar Robinson, and his wife Annmari due to drowning by strong currents off the beaches of Puerto Rico. This is a difficult time for the school, as you can imagine, and we wanted to do something to show we care – especially since our CEO’s daughter attended this school.

Wanting to reach out to this grieving community, we had LOYAL Positivity supporter Coach Steph Brown of Westlake High School stop by to pick up all the Positivity he could stand. Now at least we can ensure that his players stay positive and stay hydrated with the best so they can be their best – even amidst this tragedy.

Our hearts go out to the Westlake High School Lions Family – we are with you and we are holding you all in Positivity. 🙏🏼
PositivityWater4 days ago
Oh put your glasses back on – you read that right! Positivity’s got a store on Instagram AND Facebook now! Oh yes. Did we forget to tell you that? Now you know. Check out the stores today. You just might like what you see. 😉 PS – now you can have your Positivity delivered to you every month (or every week!).
PositivityWater5 days ago
We still might be in COVID, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop the love! However many you have in your household – whether it’s just you or it’s a gang of five – take a moment today to show each and every one some much needed L.O.V.E. Positivity is all over that! #thinkpositive #drinkpositivity